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Story Overview:

Heritage Hills is a mysterious town hidden in the valley of a remote mountainous region heavily influenced by the occult and witchcraft.  When Daniel learns that his missing fiancé possibly grew up in the area, he decides to track it down.  Soon, Daniel gets himself stranded in a nightmarish world that he could have never imagined.  Finding signs that his missing fiancé could still be alive, he is determined to find out what is going on, but to do this, he must overpower enemies both from this world, and another more Hellish.  Will he survive his time in Heritage Hills, and find his fiancé Jess?  Will he discover the truth about Heritage Hills, and the Winston family? Or will he fall to something much more sinister than this world could ever create?

Collect all the notes and "strange coins" you find along the way to completing the intro story of "Heritage Hills".

Currently Requires Mouse and Keyboard Only

Playing with Headphones is highly recommended.

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Daniel Lemans, a freelance journalist, received a phone call one afternoon from a local business regarding his former fiancé’s storage unit.

“Hello, this is Daniel.”

“Hey Daniel, this is Thomasson with West Coast Storage. I’m calling regarding Ms. Winston’s storage unit, since she has you listed as secondary contact.  The rent on her unit is past due and I haven’t been able to reach her.  She needs to make a payment by Friday; otherwise, the unit will need to be cleaned out by the end of the month so we can lease it to someone else.”

“Oh, ok… It’s just that, well, I haven’t seen Jess in almost two years now.  She went missing and has never been found.”

“Wow, I am so sorry to hear about that!  Please take your time.  We can give you a few additional weeks if you need?”

“No, it’s fine, I will come down this afternoon. I actually had no idea she even had a storage unit leased.”

“Well, she did prepay 5 years of rent for the storage unit- maybe she forgot she even had it. Or perhaps she rented it to store items for a family member?”

“I’m not sure if she even had any family-  she said she never knew her biological parents, and never really spoke of any other family.  Anyway, I will be down this afternoon to take a look.”

“Sounds great, we will see you shortly.”

“Take care.”

That is one phone call Daniel never expected, and a name he hadn’t heard in over a year, ever since the investigation into Jess Winston’s disappearance had gone cold.  He was eager to see what Jess was keeping there. Perhaps he would find some personal things to remember her by.  After Daniel arrived, he realized that he didn’t have a key to open the lock.  Thomasson told Daniel that with his permission, he could cut the lock for him since Daniel was listed on the lease. Once he got in, he was shocked to see that the unit was practically empty, with a lone box sitting in the middle.

“Well this is odd…”

Daniel approached the box, not knowing quite what to expect at this point, and opened it up.  Inside, he found some old photographs, perhaps of her biological family, and some random odds and ends.  One of the photos was of a farmhouse, with a man standing out front.  On the back was written “Winston family homestead, 1979.”

“You were keeping this here all along, Jess?  Why’d you never mention your family?”

But what caught his eye was an old, worn book with a strange insignia on it.  He opened it, but everything was written in a language that he could not identify.  Beneath the book, at the bottom of the box, was a postcard from a town called Heritage Hills, addressed to the Winston family.

“Hmm, is this where Jess grew up?  Maybe I could pay this place a visit.  Even if her family is gone, maybe there is at least something there, and I can get some sort of closure.”

Daniel put the items back in the box, carried it to his Jeep, and headed home to his apartment to pack some bags.  He had no idea where this place was, or how far away it could be, but no matter the distance, he was going.

Back at his apartment, Daniel threw some clothes in his bags and put the address from the postcard into the GPS, which gave strange results: it showed the location for the address but not much route information was available.  There was not a named town on the map for miles around the area.  Daniel hit the road, despite the vague directions.  He reached the outskirts of town, and kept driving until he came to a landmark that he believed to be near the road leading to Heritage Hills. He pulled over and compared the old map on the postcard to his current surroundings, but found nothing. On the verge of giving up, he noticed something a few feet ahead, hidden by brush. It was an old gate, rusted by years of weather.  Just beyond that point was an old dirt road, nearly swallowed by the impending forest. Daniel got out, pried open the gate, and drove through. He continued to drive for miles into the dark and remote forest at the mountain base, thankful for his 4 wheel drive and off road tires as he slowly maneuvered through the region.  Before long, he was out of range for cell service.

“Great, just my luck.”

Daniel continued down the “road”, for at least another hour, until he reached the valley between the mountains.  Ahead on the left, he could see an old wooden sign:

“Heritage Hills: Straight Ahead”

At least Daniel knew he was in the right area, and just a few moments later, he could see what looked like the edge of a property fence.  The address on the mailbox matched, but the house looked nothing like the photograph from Jess’s box.  The forest had grown up around the place, and if it weren't for the dim light illuminating the decrepit porch, he would’ve thought the place was abandoned.  Daniel pulled up slowly, parked, and got out to take a look.

“Not very inviting, but I didn’t drive all this way for nothing.”


This is a very early prototype of a work in progress.  We are testing base mechanics, but everything here will more than likely be changed as the project progresses (for the better of course!)  We are very limited in what we can produce at the moment.  Me and my brother both have other full-time commitments at the moment and are limited to using assets readily available.  We are planning a Kickstarter in the near future to help fund the project that will go towards developing custom and unique assets to the project, but as of now, like I said we are limited to what we can do.   The actual game will be similar, yet different, to how this prototype plays, for example, the UI and inventory will be completely different in the full game. You can see more information as well as screenshots to the full project that we are working on at the moment on our website regarding how we plan the project to look: www.tab95studios.com

Feel free to check out the demo for free!  Donations are much appreciated and will go directly towards funding for the full game.  As stated, this is a rough prototype!  We highly encourage you to leave feedback and report any bugs or problems you encounter while playing so that we can be sure to address them for the future build of the full game!

Minimum System Requirements for Demo 

CPU: Core-i5 or an equivalent 

RAM: 8 GB OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 

VIDEO CARD: Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 (2 GB Memory Minimum) | AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2 GB Memory Minimum) 

FREE DISK SPACE: 5GB Directx: Version 9c

Recommended Requirements for Demo 

CPU: Core-i7 or an equivalent 

RAM: 12 GB OS: Windows 7/8.1/10

 VIDEO CARD: GeForce GTX 970 or equivalent with 4GBs of VRAM 

FREE DISK SPACE: 5GB Directx:  Version 11


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BROTHERS (of TAB95 Studios):

First - the prologue above is impeccable. The sheer detail and ability to communicate the scene to the reader gives me great hopes for the plot (and execution) of this game. This was a polished prototype; great puzzle elements, creepy atmosphere, and all without relying on jumpscares or other tropes. 

I did have some small QoL & functional issues that I hope you can check into:

- Having to pick up the gameplay manual on the bench to trigger the door event had me stuck for a few mins (could that be an 'on touch' event?)
- Our friend got stuck on the fridge
- The barn ladder required an additional click to dismount, which I thought was a bit odd

Especially for a side-project, this blows away many of the prototypes and demos I've seen. Excellent work, and I am very curious to see where this goes next!


Thanks for trying it out!  That was very odd how he got stuck on the fridge!  I haven't seen that happening before.  I still have a lot to smooth out but I will add that in there!  Thanks a lot for the feedback!  I agree with your suggestions.

Looks very polished and fun to play. Good job!

Iv'e just played this game and WOW good job. I really enjoyed this game can't wait for a full release here's my video if you like to check it out: 

enjoy 👹👍

I am having lag issue(low FPS framerate)

There is no setting menu

The specs are pretty high because it is a very costful game right now.   This is something we will have to work on for the full game but right now the system requirements can't be changed.

It's a pretty cool demo. I dig it so far. I can't wait to see what else you do with it. Thanks!


Thanks!  Glad you enjoyed it.  Hopefully it will be something we continue.

Super scary atmosphere I was on edge the entire time!!!  Really good horror game

Really creepy atmosphere and well done!